The USF Department of English multimedia classroom in CPR 202 opened in August of 1994, the result of a grant proposal written by Prof. Phillip Sipiora, director of computerized instruction. The current coordinator of the Computers and Writing Program, Gerald Lucas, compiled and maintains this Web site to provide information for those teaching in this facility. Please direct comments, suggestions, and questions to the Coordinator or contact the Department of English at (813) 974-2421.

202 will see some major changes over the holiday break, December 2000. We plan at least 10 Linux workstations, 10 dual-boot (Linux/Windows) workstations, and 15 Windows machines. Red Hat 7.0 will run 202’s server. In anticipation of this change, this web site will be also be renovated. Please excuse our mess for a while.


Subscribing to the CTA Listserv is mandatory for all TAs teaching in CPR 202, but we welcome other interested members as well. The list is designed to facilitate communication between CTAs and Coordinators, to allow for distribution of information and announcements, and to serve as a forum for discussion of ideas, problems, opportunities, and other messages of interest to the CTA community. To subscribe to the CTA listserv, go to and follow the on-site directions. To send mail to the CTA list, use: [email protected]. You can also subscribe to the list using email.

For a listing of classes scheduled in 202, see the current teaching schedule. Additional activities and workshops are also held in 202 when no classes occupy the room.

Gerald Lucas, Coordinator
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