Gerald R. Lucas » Nostalgia

I’ve had various blogs over the years. None exist anymore, but I’ve been porting some the better posts to my journal. The same is true of my photography. Both are also browsable by category.

Back in the late-nineties when hypertext was a thing, I wrote one based around my current coursework and dissertation interests. “Post/human Figuration” is once again available for your reading pleasure.

I used to design all of my own websites by hand before the almighty CMS. Most were for teaching. My very first was for the Freshman Composition courses I taught with Tara Pyne: I give you The Lucas/Pyne Composition Page (oh, man). This web site eventually became The English Site (1998, 2000, 2002), then LitMUSE.

In 1997, I put my Master’s thesis online: “What Kind of Idea Are You? Healthy Blasphemy in Rushdie and Bulgakov.” I think it’s more readable in its revised version on my current web site.

In the days of post-Jobs Apple, when it looked like the company might not survive, a buddy of mine and I started MacTampa mostly to support academic clients. I think if I had quit graduate school and worked on this full-time, it could have gone somewhere. Site design by Giles Hoover based on my concept around World War II propaganda posters—and it was bleeding-edge in the day and obviously built for smaller screens.

I acted as the Coordinator of the USF English Department’s computer classroom—just known as CPR-202. Of course, I created a web site for it. At one point, I put Linux on all the machines and wrote a manual.